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Experience affordable luxury . . .

There's no comparison between Nice Touch handmade goat milk soap and "melt and pour" products offered in today's market, knowingly or unknowingly described as"natural," "homemade," or "handcrafted." Unlike commercially-manufactured products that contain cheap fillers, detergents and preservatives, you can easily understand the superior ingredients on the Nice Touch label. In fact, I will personally answer any questions you may have to help you understand the difference. Your skin will certainly FEEL the difference! You'll instantly notice the quality by the moisture-rich, penetrating lather that leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and pampered.


Daily pollutants and stress on your skin can take a toll, and you may find your skin dry and deprived of valuable nutrients. Created from scratch, these aromatic soaps are lovingly handmade in small batches with skin-loving goat milk and luxury, all vegetable oils.


Other soap makers offer different fragrances, but that doesn't necessarily make it good soap. The quality really depends on the base. I select and blend only the highest grade oils, including Olive, Coconut, Palm, and Shea Butter.


Absolutely no animal fats are used. My soaps are scented with superior essential and fragrance oils, and are artistically colored with mineral pigments.  Choose from the wide selection of soaps scented with 100% essential oils and fine fragrances, and naturally colored with earth's finest herbs and mineral pigments. Unscented and uncolored soaps are also available for my most sensitive-skinned clients!

Nice Touch Handmade Goatmilk Soap

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